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Clinical supply labeling compliance

Pragmatyxs | Pharmaceutical

Did you know that labeling compliance is required in the clinical trial phase of many potential pharmaceutical drugs?  Loftware Prisym 360 is a great solution to overcome clinical trial supply challenges.

Some of the solutions that Prisym 360 provides are:

  • Automates clinical booklet design – As the number of countries is added to a study, so do the specific regulatory and language requirements. Automating this process ensures lower error rates and more efficiency.
  • Ensures label and booklet regulatory compliance – Clinical labeling regulations require 100% of the labels are inspected for errors. Manual inspections are laborious and time-consuming and are not an error-free solution. Prisym 360 provides a fully integrated Vision print inspection of each label’s content and design.
  • Reduces time and effort in label design and production – The need for just-in-time label printing has become a must to avoid overages and errors in labeling. Prisym 360 allows for dynamic label generation, using label templates and logic to retrieve the most up-to-date data.
  • Simplifies GxP compliance and validation – GxP, which is a collection of quality guidelines and regulations to ensure bio/pharmaceutical products are safe, meet their intended use, and adhere to quality processes during all phases of the product, is complicated enough so any way to simplify the process, without risking compliance, is welcomed by pharmaceutical companies.

Pragmatyxs works closely with our pharmaceutical partners and has in-depth knowledge of Prisym 360 and the benefits this solution can provide to those who are focused on pharmaceutical clinical trials and studies. Reach out today for assistance implementing this solution within your organization or for support to ensure you are reaping all the benefits and automation this solution has to offer.