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Benefiting from a well-designed project plan

A significant key to Pragmatyxs’ success is our adherence to a high-quality, repeatable project management process. The commitment to delivering projects on time, on scope, and on budget remains at the core of our work and ensures our customers are long-term clients. Our projects, past and present range in scale and scope from single-site barcode printing implementations to integrated global labeling deployments.

Some of the key components of our project management philosophy are:

  • Thorough discovery process – ensuring clear definition of project and requirements gathering.
  • Utilize the Proof of Concept (POC) approach- verifying that the product or result will function adequately in all deployment areas.
  • Make use of Rolling Wave Planning– whereas detailed planning occurs on near-term activities while having clear, high-level milestones for intermediate and longer-term objectives.

These key steps are essential but in addition, we also take the appropriate measures for project success, such as, properly staffing the project, regularly scheduling coordination meetings with the project team and alignment with other existing project plans.

Pragmatyxs is your trusted advisor for all your project needs. Our project team provides companies with collaboration, tracking, and reporting as part of a fully optimized project plan.