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Behind every successful project

Project management is often thought of as deadlines, strict budget adherence, and implementation plans. While these are certainly important to the project’s success, a thorough discovery process is a vital foundation the project is built on. Our project managers find that during the discovery process when gathering requirements there are often unanswered questions, incorrect or inconsistent assumptions, and unclear objectives. Working through these must be done before any next steps can be considered.

These blockers can often catch a business off-guard since inconsistent assumptions may come from multiple departments who may not work closely together regularly but may come together for a project that will impact them all. Strong project management puts into place a plan to answer the needed questions, eliminate confusion, and map out clear objectives.

Pragmatyxs often utilizes a Proof of Concept (POC) approach to verify that the product will operate properly in all deployment areas. This POC approach is a means to verify the technical approach as well as the deployment approach and schedule. This gives us and our clients an in-depth understanding of how the product or service should look and perform before a substantial investment of time has been made.

Pragmatyxs ensures each project consists of:

  • Well-structured/phased- approach.
  • Integrated with other plans and objectives.
  • Alignment with the ERP or other existing assets project plans.
  • Regularly scheduled coordination with other Project Managers.
  • Frequent and effective communication within the team, with management, and with users.

We have managed projects of all sizes, yet the process hasn’t changed. It is scalable based on the complexity of the project. Our commitment to and investment in the right people and tools to deliver projects on time, on scope, and on- budget will continue to contribute to our long and successful project management history.