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3 reasons for aerospace companies to use mobile barcoding

Pragmatyxs | Aerospace

The first two areas that a manufacturer can evaluate when looking to increase automation are inventory management and data collection.  Solutions like mobile inventory and barcode scanning can improve efficiency and enhance visibility across the organization.

Our partners at RFgen take a look at the aerospace and defense industries which are defined by strict compliance requirements and identified three reasons to use mobile barcoding in order to set them up for what’s to come next.

1.) Makes security a priority

Mobile data collection software can ensure that the transmission of highly sensitive data is secure from all the latest threats. “A mobile barcoding partner should supplement your data security protocols and be able to accommodate remote working environments.” The solution should enhance your security not put you at increased risk and should enable:

  • Security processes for “data at rest” when offline
  • Single sign-on and traffic encryption
  • Critical business systems and sensitive information is not directly accessible by employees

2.) Prioritizes compliance

The aerospace and defense industries are continually dealing with increased supply chains.  Having better visibility traceability ensures compliance throughout the production process. Having a process and solutions that ensure compliance enables companies to focus on other areas including training and innovation.

3.) Adjusts to meet market demands

“Aerospace contractors are dealing with not only current client demands, but also changing legislation and fluctuations in government spending”, especially over the past few years. Being flexible to meet these changing needs changes from a selling point to a necessity.

Automated data collection provides significant time and costs savings.  It can allow a clear view of inventory and utilization to make forecasting more accurate so that when there is a supply chain problem, companies are ready to adjust. A strong solution also works seamlessly with your ERP system, resulting in less wasted time and better asset management.

Pragmatyxs has served many partners in the aerospace industry and has helped them implement a full-service solution. Our vast experience integrating new labeling, and inventory control solutions while ensuring compatibility with your current ERP system, make Pragmatyxs a perfect extension of your production and compliance team.