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Types of Product Labels

Types of product labels

We use the terms label and labeling solution frequently but haven’t dug into what these terms mean and the many forms they take. Labels play a role in identifying a product from the start, whether it’s the label on a bag of raw materials or the finished product sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased.  The types of labels can be categorized into one of four types: branding, informative, descriptive, and grade.

Pragmatyxs has experience working with most of these and we will walk through the details of each below.

Branding Labels: Probably the most obvious labels are branding labels. These are the product labels that catch your eye and may be the reason you purchase a product. They allow companies to get creative, to truly show their brand, and resonate their product with their intended audience.

Informative Labels: These are the labels that Pragmatyxs is most involved with. While they aren’t as exciting and flashy as branding labels, they are as important. Informative labels must contain all the legal, compliance-related information that products require. Labeling solutions live to ensure that the design and production of informative labels are automated and seamless. Some common informative data you will find on the labels are expiry (expiration) date, recycling logo, warnings, allergens, and preventative measures.

Descriptive Labels: Just as they sound, these labels describe products. They may include credentials about being eco-friendly or information about proper usage of the product. They can be used to enhance the brand with guarantees and information that makes the product unique.

Grade labels: These labels are basic labels to grab your attention, they are typically a letter, number, tag, or scale indicating a rating or quality of a product. They are used for safety, to identify pollutants, and as a way for customers to gauge the quality of products quickly. Depending on the product, many grade labels are required by law.

No matter what type of label you are printing, ensuring your labeling solution provides you with the tools and seamless integration you need for accurate output is what Pragmatyxs can deliver. Our team of experienced professionals can offer both a technical and business perspective to help you optimize your operations.