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Transform label artwork management

Transform Label Artwork Management

When we look at the labeling regulatory environment, we often focus on critical data like expiry date, product identification information, and manufacturing date that must be present on a label. What is not realized, is the time and effort that goes into label artwork management, including design and automation.

“As packaging artwork becomes more important to the product lifecycle and to the new product development process, it is more important than ever to manage the process effectively.”

Loftware shares how advanced Artwork Management Solutions can help companies transform their label artwork challenges like:

  • Excessive artwork revisions and versions
  • Lack of effective collaboration between departments and vendors
  • Insufficient control and management of regulatory compliance
  • Delay in time to market
  • Difficulty managing unstructured data and versions

All of these challenges can be addressed and resolved with an integrated digital labeling solution.  While the most daunting task is to find a solution that meets all the criteria a company may have, implementing the solution shouldn’t deter companies from seeking to gain efficiencies with their labeling processes. Pragmatyxs and our 25+ years of experience can help you migrate from manual artwork management processes to a fully integrated, digital solution. Implementing this kind of solution will enable you to gain accuracy, reduce errors and streamline your processes so your products get to market faster!