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Top 4 labeling challenges for medical device manufacturers

Top 4 labeling challenges for medical device manufacturers

The medical device industry continues to grow, especially as the population ages and sadly, with the increase in chronic disease. The continuum of balancing “demands of quality and compliance with operational efficiency—at times can seem like a never-ending battle to remain competitive.”

NiceLabel has identified four labeling challenges that continue to plague the medical device industry and how an Enterprise Labeling Solution may help companies overcome these challenges.

Challenge 1: The increase in regulations

Strict regulations and compliance continue to be a considerable challenge for the medical device industry. “Labeling accuracy, consistency, and traceability can help ensure compliance and an Enterprise Labeling Solution can provide the clarity needed.

Challenge 2: Reduce costs and maintain quality

Quality and cost control has almost become a given and it is no different in the medical device industry. To remain competitive, manufacturers must find ways to produce devices more efficiently and get more done while spending less—easy right?

Challenge 3: Expanding into new markets

Whether it’s new regional facilities or an existing location gained through acquisition, the need to expand is at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds.  Location expansion requires systems that can extend to those locations including a labeling solution.

Challenge 4: Streamlining inventory management

The management of inventory can start from intake (from the supplier) to outtake (out to vendor/customer). When suppliers aren’t in compliance with labeling standards, manufacturers must instill manual processes to “offset challenges like inventory miscounts, missed production deadlines, relabeling of inbound goods, and the need for more warehouse space to store the goods.”

An Enterprise Labeling solution like NiceLabel can help you avoid some of these challenges and help your business sustain a competitive edge. Pragmatyxs can help your business gain efficiencies, control costs, and avoid common labeling challenges.