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Tips and Tricks: Ensuring clean label accuracy in food manufacturing


Consumers today are more educated on the products they purchase and are very conscious of what is deemed “healthy.”  We have recently seen waves of food manufacturers facing lawsuits over false advertising, especially focused around foods labeled “healthy” and “natural.”

Ryan Fournier, an international trade associate for law firm Armstrong Teasdale lists items manufacturers must do to avoid legal battles and create customer loyalty:

  • Ensure all components in the supply chain are knowledgeable of an ingredients end use.
  • Request a supplier’s manufacturing processes for specific ingredients and make sure they are documented
  • Take advantage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to incorporate ingredient verification procedures.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for product development and every clean label claim.
  • Review not only label claims but web site, social media outlets for accurate statements on products.
  • Create an internal auditing system to validate that sourcing and processes align with end product claims.

Unfortunately a lot of manufacturers believe they are producing a nutritious, healthy product but have not held outside processes and components in their supply chain to a high enough standard.

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