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The impact of a good or bad review

The impact of a good or bad review

When looking into a new product or service, many consumers will go straight to reviews; Google, Facebook, or Yelp hoping to glean information that will help them make a good decision, so the impact of a good or bad review can be significant.

Companies invest time, effort, and often money, to ensure their products and services are shown in the best light and those reviews help fuel their business, but what happens when you receive a bad review? One such company found itself in that exact position.  A roofing company received a 1-star Google review from a couple after services were provided for the home they were renting.  The couple stated that the “receptionist was rude to them on multiple occasions, and they were denied access to a project reporting detailing work being done on their roof.” The company demanded that the couple take the poor review down and when they refused, the company sued them for defamation.

While the outcome of this scenario is still unknown, it shows the power of a review, good or bad, and the importance of a great review.  Flexible return policies, surveys, and “customer-first” mindsets are all great ways to help ensure your company is positively represented, but reviews aren’t everything. Word-of-mouth and past experience with a company continue to be an excellent way of choosing one company over another.

Pragmatyxs prides itself on our “customer-first” service methodology, word-of-mouth referrals as well as reviews. We hope our attention to detail, responsiveness, and solutions-driven mindset encourage our customers to provide us with a positive Google review.