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The history of barcoding

For more than 45 years, GS1 Standards have been used, beginning with the adoption of the universal product code (UPC barcode) in 1973.  GS1 US®’s mission is to help organizations of all sizes “uniquely and consistently identify products, assets, shipments, and physical locations throughout the global supply chain.”

Per GS1 US, the beep of the barcode is heard over 6 billion times per day and GS1 Standards are the most widely used system of standards in the world.

This standard provides a common foundation for businesses, enhances product information transparency and more precise product recalls. While this standard is not a requirement for businesses, the benefits can “drive efficiencies today” and enable business to “innovate for tomorrow.”

Learn more about how GS1 sets standards, monitors industry challenges and works to respond to ever-changing market conditions.

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