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The critical role of labeling for vaccines


One hand with a white glove and one with a blue glove holding a vial of fluid

“Vaccine supply chains are fast-changing, complex, and vitally important to society, and nowhere is this more evident than with COVID-19.”

So often when we think and talk about the supply chain, we envision everyday consumer products like household items, clothing, and food and beverages. We forget that medical supplies including vaccines are also part of the supply chain and are far more critical to getting to their final destination.

NiceLabel explores the unique challenges and demands for vaccine labeling and how it can impact the vaccine supply chain.

  • Label content and regulations change rapidly: Every country, customer, and brand has unique regulations, specifically mandated information, and approval processes, requiring countless label variations.
  • Redistributing to other countries: As vaccines are shared across borders, they must be rapidly relabeled. Any errors or inconsistencies can lead to slowdowns, recalls, or worse.
  • Delays from pre-printing: Many vaccine manufacturers and co-packers rely on pre-printed label stock. This means delays if an update is needed.
  • Cold chain & unique handling requirements: Cold storage requirements mean any label-based delays can result in spoilage. This information must also be clearly identified via the label to ensure proper handling and care.
  • Track and trace is imperative: From pallets down to individual unit-dose labels, it is important to ensure complete visibility into where vaccines have been, where they are going, and at what time.

Enterprise labeling ensures the labeling information is centralized into one source where all details, changes, and information comes from one place.  Through this solution, integration with other business applications is seamless and the speed of changes is much faster. Security checkpoints enable the right QA processes to occur.

As a NiceLabel partner, Pragmatyxs can help organizations adopt an enterprise labeling solution and support integration with other business applications through a cloud-based environment. From discovery through lifecycle management, we are your trusted advisors.