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Teaching manufacturers how to fish with e-commerce

Teach a manufacturer how to fish

Many manufacturers are looking to get into the e-commerce game and to do so, they can go about it one of two ways:

  • Do the work themselves while hoping to figure it out as they go along and stare at a huge learning curve.
  • Hire a marketing firm to do the work for them.

The issue with hiring a marketing firm is ensuring they understand your product, business model, and selling process. Read about one manufacturer’s experience when they sought to gain visibility using a marketing firm. So how should manufacturing companies venture into the e-commerce world?

The creation of a hybrid between doing it yourself and hiring a marketing firm has proven to be a great option. Do It With You (DWY) e-commerce training “was created by the seasoned team at eCommercceMGMT. The intention is to teach the manufacturers “How to Fish” in the treacherous waters of e-commerce.”

The ability to help manufacturers better understand e-commerce and equip them with the needed tools and resources will help them be successful in winning new business while keeping existing systems in full production.

“Personally, it’s a thrill to witness the drastic improvements. One manufacturer told me, “The program exposed me to so much more than what I was aware of.”

While manufacturers are finding more ways to expand the visibility of their products keep the supply chain in motion, they rely on systems and processes to work as expected, including product labeling. Pragmatyxs can support manufacturers and ensure their labeling is streamlined and accurate across all stages of the process.