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Synergy in ERP systems and inventory management

RFgen looks at the complexity of supply chain management and notes that “to make it happen, people, processes, and technology must gel into one symbiotic ecosystem.” Finding the synergy between ERP systems, consulting services, and inventory management provides the efficiency warehouses need.

Understanding how these three areas work together in a very symbiotic way, clearly shows the interconnectivity needed for efficiency within a manufacturing environment. From best practices to overcoming obstacles, RFgen shares how gained efficiencies can easily lead to elevated productivity and profitability.

Best Practices

  • Choosing the right consultant: ensuring industry experts review and analyze your processes and business systems can help ensure the changes you implement are best for your business.
  • Selecting appropriate software for company ERP: confirming the software solutions you seek are certified for your specific ERP.
  • Implementing effective inventory management strategies: requires efficient procedures that keep on pace with demand and don’t create excessive carrying costs.

Overcoming obstacles

  • Resistance to change: for many, there is comfort in known processes and ways of doing things. Having strong communication, a clear training plan and supporting employees along the way can help prepare them for change and bring them along for a successful implementation.
  • High implementation costs: ERP systems can be expensive though the long-term benefits eventually outweigh the initial implementation costs.
  • System-Business misalignment: the need to reconfigure business processes to align with how the software systems work can be tedious and time-consuming.
  • Data security concerns: ERP systems centralize financial data, which can be a concern for many businesses. Having ample cybersecurity measures and monitoring procedures can help assure data security.

Consulting services, ERP systems, and inventory management are all areas that Pragmatyxs can help and provide an expert eye through the lens of labeling. “Each of our consultants has successfully managed numerous compliance labeling, material tracking, and ERP–integration projects through the entire project lifecycle. This includes managing multi-phase, multi-dimensional, and multi-resource projects while maintaining customer satisfaction.”