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Seagull Scientifics Latest Release BarTender 2019 R5

As a valued customer of Pragmatyxs, we would like to inform you of the latest release of Seagull Scientific’s BarTender 2019 R5. With this release of BarTender 2019, there are substantial improvements that could enhance your labeling experience. Below you will find a listing of a few key areas of interest that may be of particular interest to you:

  • Template Design Technology: Seagull Scientific continues to enhance your design capabilities. Implementing new and improved features to help you create your template documents.
  • License Management: The Seagull License Server (SLS) has now been replaced and all license management is done through the Administration Console.
  • Database Builder: A new companion application in the BarTender Suite that you can use to create and manage databases that include one or more tables. You can connect to these databases in BarTender Designer when you want to import the data into a BarTender document. You can also connect to these databases from other applications in the BarTender Suite, including Integration Builder and Process Builder. By using Data Builder to create your database tables, you can replace external applications such as a text editor, Access, Excel, and so on.
  • Integration Builder: Improvements have been made to Integration Builder to update the user interface, provide better support for variable use, improve testing and deployment, and provide additional actions that you can run from your integrations.

For more information please follow this link to a Seagull Scientific webinar entitled “What’s New in BarTender 2019”.  It is also important for many customers to keep in mind that – depending on your specific circumstances – Seagull Scientific support for Bartender 10.1 is in its final year or has already reached End of Support.  (Please follow this link for more details: Bartender 10.1 Support.)

With this major overhaul and update to the BarTender Software, we would very much like to discuss in more detail the newest functionality resident in Bartender 2019 R5 that could significantly improve your labeling processes. Please feel free to download a free copy of BarTender 2019 R5. Please reach out to for additional information.