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Safer cleaning options, “just look for the label”

The Safer Choice Program is a voluntary program in which companies are able to put the Safer Choice Label on their cleaning products but must invest heavily in “research and reformulation to ensure that their products meet the Safer Choice Standard.”  This is a 40+ year program hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help consumers find environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The program doesn’t just look at a product’s ingredients, it looks at product performance, PH, packaging and to ensure that products with the label are safer for anyone that uses them. Consumers can feel at ease when they see the Safer Choice label even though they don’t know the depth of the requirements needed to proudly display the label.  Learn more about the stringent reviews that are conducted on all products that are part of this program.

Pragmatyxs can work within the strictest regulation guidelines to ensure your business moves forward efficiently and in compliance.