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RFgen’s Mobile Development Studio

Need customized workflows in a pinch? Need a mobile app but don’t have the resources for a high-tech spend? Our partners at RFgen can help. Their Mobile Development Studio enables you to “create engaging user experiences through modern design concepts. Build, modify, deploy, manage, and remotely support mobile apps without interrupting your business processes.”

The Mobile Development Studio is a low-code option with the ability to:

  • Design one, deploy everywhere – create mobile applications and engage them to multiple operating systems, and devices.
  • Modern UI/UX – design intuitive, touch-screen-friendly apps that increase productivity and user adoption.
  • Prebuilt Starting Points – Customize ERP-specific application templates and modify them to your specific needs with pre-built logic blocks.
  • Responsive Auto-Scaling – Quickly scale applications to different screen sizes while preserving proportionality.
  • Visual Designer Tools – Utilize advanced themes, drag-and-drop elements, and reusable components to create a compelling user interface and experience.

RFgen’s Mobile Development Studio reduces the burden on your IT department while creating a customized application that meets a business’s specific needs. They understand that every company is unique and the ability to innovate with low-code and high customization provides businesses with a competitive edge. Even more impactful is having all of this seamlessly integrate with a company’s ERP system, enabling additional functionality like barcode scanning, photo imaging, GPS, and more.

Solutions that provide flexibility, ease of use, and customization help organizations configure customized low-code designs, reduce IT burden, and innovate freely.