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Navigating offline inventory management

RFgen offline inventory management

“In warehouse management, where the constant movement of goods is the norm, effective inventory management is pivotal. Fast-moving operations can’t afford to wait when technical systems go offline.”

Offline inventory management in warehouses refers to the processes that take place while the inventory system isn’t connected to the enterprise resource planning system (ERP). In the past, this usually meant that a manual process needed to occur when a system was “offline” or not connected, but now it is a software solution that can step in as a backup to ERP transactions to ensure materials “continue to flow through the supply chain.”

Some of the most common offline states occur from Wi-Fi, cellular data, or ERP connectivity interruptions and each of these scenarios has its challenges and solutions so an offline inventory solution will not look the same for each scenario or each organization. Knowing what types of offline ERP software are available will help you identify which is best for your specific needs. There are solutions made specifically for a mobile environment and then for a warehouse environment.

Some of the mobile solutions are:

  • Field service mobility solutions – for those outside a building or delivering products and materials.
  • Offline data collection – for mobile devices that may encounter unreliable network connectivity.
  • Continuous Availability – when connectivity to the ERP can’t be maintained, RFgen can help ensure business continuity.

For warehouse offline inventory management solutions, some of the benefits are:

  • 24/7/365 business continuity for inventory operations
  • Increased oversight over remote warehouse activities
  • Preservation of data collected locally on mobile devices

Having an offline inventory solution can prevent costly downtime and possibly data loss. Investing in it could save time and money in the long run.  RFgen can provide a solution that works best for you and Pragmatyxs’ team of experts can assist in implementing that solution.