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Manufacturing is no stranger to cyberattacks

cyberattack on manufacturersAs we have shared before, it seems no industry is safe from the potential of info stealing and cyberattacks. Manufacturers had many challenges during the pandemic and cyberattacks made the list of “menacing foes”. Worse yet, is the increase in a breach like this can now cost a manufacturing plant.  It has quickly risen to greater than $1M.

Manufacturing Business Technology tries to answer the question: Why does manufacturing seem to be an attractive target? The answer is, that they are “always-on”, downtime in a manufacturing plant can mean the loss of millions.  For many operations to meet the increased demand, 24-hour operations were a must, and this opens the door for ransomware and malware to take advantage.

Authorities, which included the FBI, Europol, and the UK’s National Crime Agency had a big win near the beginning of 2021 when they were able to take down Emotet, labeled as “the most successful botnet ever invented.” While this is a great feat, security researchers warn that it may provide other attackers a chance to grow.

Multiple locations, multiple users, and larger demand, all provide great reasons for manufacturers to move many of their operations to the Cloud, like inventory control, product labeling, etc. This also increases their exposure to malware.  What is meant to increase productivity could also bring it to a halt.  When looking to improve productivity and processes, security must be included in this planning.

Pragmatyxs partners with 3rd party labeling solutions providers and ensures these solutions meet the needed security measures to safeguard manufacturers’ labeling solutions from cyber-attacks.