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Manufacturers take their business online

“According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the period between February and March 2020 say 35.5% of manufacturers experienced supply chain disruptions, and 78% felt uncertainty around the pandemic and worried that it would impact their business.”

When we talk about the supply chain, it is the whole chain that includes distributors, wholesalers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. When there is a disruption, it affects all players involved including the consumer. To offset some of these disruptions, many manufacturers are looking for ways to recoup the losses they have experienced by “focusing on online selling.”

“And these companies were pleasantly surprised with the outcome: taking their businesses online had generated 60-80% of their global revenue.”

As manufacturers enter the e-commerce arena, a great website is a key, and a few must-have features like:

  • Research tools– enabling your clients to do their own research with comparison tools and rich content.
  • Purchasing– providing a simple, user-friendly way to purchase products/services.
  • After-Sales Support– directing clients on where to go for common questions, returns, and reorders.
  • Well-equipped Sales Staff– knowledgeable staff that can help direct clients during the online purchasing process.

E-commerce or online shopping has increased exponentially over the last 18 months, most likely far beyond what anyone could have predicted. Ensuring your business has processes and products in place to fulfill this increased need is crucial.  Pragmatyxs works with many manufacturers and retailers to ensure all labeling requirements are met and we often utilize our proprietary PXSmartLabel solution to address these requirements.