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Lizards offer new approach to artificial lungs

Lizards offer new approach to artificial lungs

A study at Princeton University involving the brown anole lizard as the subject matter has brought new light to help improve one of nature’s complex actions—breathing.

“Whereas human lungs develop over months and years into baroque tree-like structures, the anole lung develops in just a few days into crude lobes covered with bulbous protuberances.” The intent of the study is to understand how the lungs develop or build themselves so that in time they could possibly “regenerate or engineer tissue.” This provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the study of reptiles and better understand how these new discoveries can impact humans.

When you research the process of lung development in these lizards, you see that in less than 2 days, the organ goes from being flat to a fully formed lung.  The researchers were able to build a working replica of this lung using a silicone material called Ecoflex, which is most commonly used on film sets for makeup and special effects.

So what do lizards and lungs have to do with enterprise labeling? Nothing, until you begin to find success in this research and development innovative ways for humans to benefit.  This could be groundbreaking for individuals needing a new lung and eliminate their need to be put on a list to wait. Medical device companies could play an integral role in the near future as this research develops.

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