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Latest features in the always evolving PXSmartLabel


Pragmatyxs Smart Label (PXSL) is our answer to simplifying the label printing process; while it is a very intuitive, easy to use tool to the operator it is a product that allows so much more than meets the eye.  Pragmatyxs is constantly reviewing and implementing new features that we feel will improve our customers everyday processes while also meeting standards.

The latest PXSL release involved giving more Administrative controls, audit functionality and much more listed below:

  • Standard Serialization Configuration- Administrators now have the ability within the application to create and edit serialization counters.
  • PXSL Audits- Audit history is now tracked to see who and what changes were made for configuration settings.
  • Print History Exporting- Our Print History Reporting tool now allows you to export to an Excel or CSV file.
  • Controlled Printing Admin Configuration- Administrators can now configure who and what has the ability to overwrite a previous print job through the Controlled Printing feature.

These are just small sample of what Pragmatyxs has been working on to improve processes and functionality.  If you have questions or would like a demonstration of how PXSL works please contact us and look forward to more upcoming improvements!