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Innovating Ring doorbell cameras

In the 21st century, we have seen many technological advances like camera phones, Bluetooth, and the video gaming revolution. We have also gained the ability to keep an eye on our home, pets, and even neighbors when we are away. Ring LLC, an Amazon company, is innovating to enable their Ring doorbell to “identify suspicious people by voice, fingerprint or odor”. Yes, you read that right, the ability to identify someone at your door by their scent!

“According to a recent report by Business Insider, Ring has filed nearly 20 patents related to the development of a camera network that could capture all of these different traits and combine them in a sort of neighborhood watch database in identifying suspicious people.” Nothing could possibly go amiss, could it?

This brings the Neighborhood Block Watch to a whole different level. The technology would enable Ring’s network of doorbell cameras to scan neighborhoods and use advanced facial recognition software, “tied to nearly 2,400 police and fire departments that Ring currently partners with” to identify persons that may be “troublemakers”.

The list of what could go wrong with facial recognition technology especially when it may result in criminal charges as well as the collection of personal data without the person knowing it may delay this product and could expose Ring to liability they hadn’t planned for.

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