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Improving time to market


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In the food and beverage industry, the packaging is everything. It is the first thing customers see and maybe the initial reason a consumer considers your product. Lakeview Farms, a manufacturer of dips, desserts, and specialty products, found that their manual artwork management process was both time-consuming and lacked stakeholder visibility, which reduced their time to market.

Loftware’s Smartflow was the chosen solution to allow Lakeview Farms to:

  • Speed their production time to market through project visibility and accountability
  • Save workers time by removing manual processes
  • Sustain industry packaging regulations and requirements
  • Manage hundreds of labeling and artwork projects concurrently

There are many reasons a company makes the decision to invest capital in new technology or system.  Often it is summed up as lost revenue, decreased market share, or drastic changes in employee satisfaction. No matter the reason, investments like this aren’t taken lightly so the return must have significant positive effects to be worth the time, effort, and expense. Lakeview Farms’ reason to update to a more sophisticated process for label creation and design came when they acquired two additional companies and knew their manual, labor-intensive process would not allow them to effectively manage over 1,000 different product SKUs.

The solution that Lakeview Farms found in Smartflow provided more than speed to market, removal of manual processes, and the ability to sustain industry regulations and requirements; it enabled the work teams to elevate their knowledge beyond spreadsheets and emails to innovate and plan.

Pragmatyxs is a proud partner of Loftware and we hope the solutions we provide our customers enable their teams to be freed up to continue to plan, strategize and innovate within their field.