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Improving your labeling process to be more efficient.

Companies worldwide are challenged with developing and maintaining efficient disciplined product labeling. They are tasked with a wide range of internal requirements, Marketing and Product Branding and external regulatory requirements, such as GHS or UDI compliance requirements.

As example, the chemical industry and their respective supply chains are continuously evolving and have as complex a supply chain as any organization. They are required to manage raw materials, manage their supply chain partners and uphold regulatory and compliance issues both locally and internationally. All of this is accomplished while also adhering to their own internal marketing and product branding initiatives, blending new labeling requirements from acquisitions and providing  a competitive advantage through stream lining supply chain processes.

A proven method for guiding efficiencies in the supply chain is through rigorous disciplined product labeling processes. One such process is to provide your supplier partners with access to your labeling disciplines by extending your internal labeling processes to your external suppliers. We call this methodology – supplier printing. Your suppliers then have direct access to the labels you have designed, with correct and compliant information that they can then print locally, affix properly to the products and ship directly with no interruption into your supply chain.