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Implementing a New Barcode Solution

Pragmatyxs | Implementation

The adoption of any new technology within an organization can be tedious and overwhelming. “With 80% of organizations planning to invest in a new enterprise technology”, the thought is downright harrowing. Implementing a new barcode solution shouldn’t be daunting. We will provide some specific ways to make it go smoothly.

Having a comprehensive implementation plan is the foundation for a successful solution, finding a consultant, Like Pragmatyxs that can help with the heavy lifting that it involves can be the difference between an on-time, on-scope barcoding implementation and surprise issues popping up at the most inopportune time. A strong project plan is completed with collaboration and agreement by the customer. In addition to the project plan, key requirements for successful implementation are:

  • Planning- This doesn’t just include the project plan but also a contingency if things don’t go as outlined. Planning for the unexpected may seem like a time waster but it will save a lot of time if it needs to be accessed.
  • Communication- is often overlooked as a key component of successful project management but can be one of the most important aspects. Ensuring everyone knows what the goal is, how we will get there, and what the result should be, helps ensure the implementation is as successful as possible.
  • Managing the Project Team- Having a strong project manager who can identify what is needed now, but also what is coming, is invaluable.
  • Managing Stakeholders- Keeping stakeholders informed of project progress and informing them of potential blockers early in the process will ensure they are “brought along” as the project progresses and can only strengthen buy-in and adoption of the implementation.
  • Managing Change- becomes important since it can lead a project off course very quickly. Having the ability to pivot and keep on track is a vital skill.
  • Project Reporting- This ensures all involved understand the progress, timeline, and final result. It is each team’s chance to communicate where they’re at and where things may be ahead or behind schedule.
  • Project Records- keeping good records of steps taken, changes made, and issues during the implementation will help the team when they engage in another similar project.

In the end, having an implementation team that puts the project and the expected results as their top priority and understands the key elements of the barcode solution will ensure success.