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End-to-end digital platform

End-to-End digital platform

Loftware provides solutions that “refine how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork and scale across their global landscape.” With an end-to-end digital platform that enables companies to meet their goals in all aspects of the supply chain, from product development and product packaging to distribution and consumer sales.

Focusing on just two elements of the supply chain: new product development and product packaging, we can quickly identify some key benefits of integrated business processes. Loftware provides a configurable, automated solution that enables you to:

  • Automate critical paths
  • Improve change management
  • Drive packaging design
  • Plan and control workloads and manage brands globally

Once a new product is developed, companies mustn’t forget the importance of packaging. Product packaging is an important purchase driver and says a lot about your company and your brand. It also communicates the importance your company may or may not place on safety. Ensuring that packaging includes all required information and can adapt to the variations of changing compliance can be a big challenge for many businesses so the adoption of an artwork management solution that can automate much of the workflow and allow for a thorough review, proof, and approval process in real-time is vital.

Accuracy and speed to market are key in a competitive business environment and having needed control over the packaging process, while also reducing the time for approvals makes Loftware’s digital platform an even better choice. With Loftware’s product packaging features, you can:

  • Eliminate manual processing errors
  • Identify process bottlenecks
  • Gain more visibility
  • Facilitate validation
  • Improve control and compliance

While these are just 2 of the features of Loftware’s enterprise labeling solution, they are significant to any large business to ensure accuracy and efficiency in a highly competitive global economy.  Pragmatyxs can work closely with you to implement this solution seamlessly with minimal downtime and ensure full integration with existing business systems.