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Ditching paper for digital inventory

person with tablet in a warehouseMobile devices have certainly changed and shaped the world. It is rare to see someone without a mobile device in their hand. They have started to find their way into the manufacturing world through labeling printing and inventory control.  While there are some great benefits of mobile technology in manufacturing, there are also some hurdles like enterprise mobility plans, security concerns, and technical management issues that some companies aren’t ready to address, leading them to use potentially outdated methods for inventory control.

RFgen shares how mobile barcoding scanners and smartphones can be the “stepping stones to deeper digital strategies.” While companies may be concerned about the cost and complexity of mobile inventory implementation, the benefits far outweigh the potential issues and companies will soon reap the benefits that mobile solutions provide.

Some of the reasons why digital inventory is beneficial are:

  • Faster data collection leads to productivity gains and resource efficiency.
  • Workers spend less time performing manual cycle counts and finding items.
  • Real-time data collection allows for visibility and the movement of excess inventory.
  • Improved customer experience through accelerated turnaround times.
  • A mobile-enabled digital inventory system reduces errors by eliminating data entry.

Whether your company chooses smartphones, tablets, barcode scanners, or voice-picking headsets, implementing a mobile inventory strategy allows you to create an environment “that empowers users to interact with data in more intuitive, flexible ways.” Pragmatyxs and our partner RFgen are ready to help you move forward with your mobile solution.