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Data quality is key to leveraging, AI, Machine Learning


 Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

As technology continues to advance, manufacturing companies look for ways to increase productivity and efficiency with new technological advances. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are proving to be where companies want to focus their time and resources.   What they are finding is that preparation is key and that implementing these technologies will only benefit them if their data is clean.

AI and ML have proven to “boost productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing to a greater degree than in any other industry.” Therefore, manufacturers are eager to implement this technology but need to ensure they can get the most out of the investment and use it to its fullest capacity. Data quality is the key to gaining efficiency especially with the “sheer amount of data created by modern equipment via IoT sensors” and it is the most important component to implement effective Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

As manufacturing advances, the systems that drive productivity will have to follow including product labeling.  Pragmatyxs continuously seeks innovative architected solutions and a quality experience for each and every customer.