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BarTender- Delivering label printing applications


The volatility of the supply chain has required companies to be nimble and to do this, the technologies they have in place need to allow for an immediate response to changing conditions.  For many, the solution is an investment in technologies that can meet a variety of needs, “resulting in an assortment of user experiences and interfaces.”

With the release of the BarTender Mobile App, there are three distinct printing experiences that enable a “simple, intuitive, and consistent user experience across the full spectrum of label printing technologies.”

The three printing experiences are:

  • Locally hosted labeling – Onsite printing technology on production lines will always be needed. BarTender customers print over 40 billion labels a year which were completed in a local environment.
  • Web-enabled printing – Cloud-based platforms have gained more attention over the past couple of decades. BarTender provides a web portal that can be branded with a company’s own logo and colors, and edits of any kind can occur in one location and be distributed to global operations.
  • Mobile labeling printing – BarTender is the only mobile-enabled enterprise labeling software offering a dedicated Android app for use in a production environment. Research shows that using a smart device can help companies gain 58 minutes per worker resulting in a 34% boost in productivity.

Pragmatyxs is ready to help your company onboard or upgrade to this BarTender solution, enabling you to maximize your labeling solution without losing labeling accuracy or compliance.