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A great plan falls short without seamless implementation

Implementation- “The process of putting a decision or plan into effect: execution.”

At Pragmatyxs, we oversee all aspects of our customer’s project from scope and schedule, to risk and quality. Seamless implementation is always the goal. In an ideal project, we are brought in at the beginning to help develop the strategy, manage the project team, change management and provide best in practice reporting and communication.

When we don’t have this luxury, the same principles we institute in the ideal scenario come in to play to ensure our customers receive the results they need. We are experts in helping customers implement complex solutions across multiple platforms and systems.

Kali is a Senior Developer at Pragmatyxs, who joined the team in 2013. Her background in software design and development, database architecture, and matching business requirements to customer solutions makes her an ideal advisor and resource for Pragmatyxs customers. She has been instrumental in the successful implementation of PXSmartLabel, one of Pragmatyxs’ proprietary solutions providing web-based label printing integrated to various platforms and providers.

When starting down the path of a new system, new integration, or process change, brainstorming the plan with a trusted advisor can make all the difference in the success of the implementation.  Pragmatyxs has over 25 years’ experience helping businesses large and small, meet their project objectives. Learn more about our implementation process here.