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4 Ways Loftware Cloud benefits supply chains

Cloud-based products are all the rage in technology. They enable businesses to streamline processes and grow their operation globally without sacrificing quality. Our partners at Loftware share 4 ways Loftware Cloud benefits supply chains and how this cloud-based labeling platform can “ensure supplier compliance and improve traceability.”

Loftware Cloud enhances supply chains by:

# 1 Adapting to changing supply chain demands – by allowing users to design, manage, and print millions of accurate labels daily. Automation and standardization eliminate manual error-ridden processes and enable companies to scale their operation based on demand.

#2 Maintaining supplier compliance Evolving industry standards and regulations determine how products are developed, shipped, and disposed of across the supply chain. The ability to change course quickly and accurately is vital to ensuring compliance. Loftware Cloud allows businesses to control user access and keep a record of every label printed; guaranteeing that labels meet compliance and branding standards.

#3 Improving traceability – This is achieved by bringing unprecedented visibility and transparency across the supply chain network via track and trace support and serialization initiatives. The benefits range from minimizing costs and enhancing operational efficiency to improving agility and eliminating redundancies.

#4 Integrating with SAP – is key for many businesses. Seamless integration with their ERP system allows for one less issue to solve, in addition, SAP integration specifically enables companies to utilize many of the SAP business suite options which help them reduce costs, improve agility, and minimize errors.

Pragmatyxs is ready to help our customers migrate to Loftware Cloud and take advantage of its benefits to their operational processes and supply chain.