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Secure printing solution for 3rd party suppliers



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Internet printing has historically presented challenges in the labeling industry due to the physical constraints and remote printer availability, coupled with security vulnerabilities. As browser security has advanced, and the use of browser plugins have become deprecated due to security concerns, access to local user resources has become highly restricted.

To meet the demand of supplier printing, many customers have resorted to inefficient and potentially insecure

  • Sending physical labels to vendors, leading to time delays and administrative inefficiencies.
  • Implementing standalone vendor installations of labeling software, which can lead to redundant data challenges, security issues, and increased licensing costs.
  • Allowing vendors to access the company network and resources in an insecure manner, resulting in resource-intensive processes and significant costs.

Our customer maintains relationships with suppliers who manufacture products and prints labels on their behalf through internet printing. The company required a solution to manage label design and data content to ensure accuracy and compliance.

The ability to print standardized labels containing approved label data via internet-based printing represents a highly desirable outcome for companies that share such contract manufacturing relationships. This streamlined approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures compliance with established standards.


Pragmatyxs took a thorough approach to determine the most secure and reliable way for the suppliers to print product labels on behalf of the company. Our goal was to find a solution that seamlessly integrated with the current prescriptive labeling process while adhering to standardized, regulated labels and associated data.

After thorough evaluation, it was concluded that:

  • Employing an existing, validated application as a gateway to print labels from controlled systems hosted by the company via a secure connection would be the optimal strategy.
  • Leveraging the Seagull Bartender Print Portal in conjunction with Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel and PXSmartAPI products would offer a productive and efficient solution.





The company successfully implemented a secure system that enabled suppliers to print product labels directly to their local printers. This system provides a standardized interface for data searching, retrieval, selection, and template preview, ensuring a seamless andcontrolled process.

All product label data and label templates are approved and controlled by the company before being made accessible to suppliers for printing, ensuring consistency and compliance.