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Comprehensive and Complete Training

Make sure your team has the knowledge and skills to succeed. With Pragmatyxs your team will quickly be proficient in the solutions to make the most of your investment. We offer an in-depth learning experience that fits your learning style and schedule and we offer an on – site option and a remote training option for convenience.

Pragmatyxs Instructor Led Training 

Two and three day on site events offer a thorough, expert-led examination of Pragmatyxs and the Barcode labeling products in a hands-on, professional environment. Your team will get the attention and guidance they need to build knowledge and strengthen their skills. Our classes are designed for up to six (6) students in attendance in two or three day sessions dependent upon the products that you have purchased.

Remote Instructor Led Training 

Gain an in-depth understanding of your labeling products with hands-on session in a remote instructor-led course, without leaving your own location. A convenient way to on board your team, based on their schedule. About half of our clients choose remote instruction as a convenient method to achieve product knowledge. While our on-site training is scheduled for consecutive days, our remote training schedules  can be broken down into 4 hour increments over the course of one week. We have found this scheduling option to be more desirable for our students and for our instructors in a remote training.

On Site or Remote Instructor Led Training for New Hires 

After the product has been installed, often clients require new personnel to step into the management of the labeling process. Pragmatyxs can provide additional support to these individuals as required either through a full training (2 day) or a one day review session.



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