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Pragmatyxs LaaS Information

Pragmatyxs LaaS is a suite of applications and services delivering reliable, high-volume output of product labels and tags.

  • Integrates with de facto label printing software including the Loftware LPS and Seagull BarTender
  • Print requests routed to hosted or on-premise print servers
  • Supports both web and mobile label printing applications with option for customer-specific features

Deployed on the Oracle Public Cloud

  • Application, database and identity management services

Why LaaS?

On boarding suppliers and partners to internal applications is a lengthy and costly process

  • System and data security
  • On-going administration and support
  • Competes with other IT priorities

Effective control and change management when relying on supplier labeling systems

  • Varying levels of capabilities and unpredictable quality

Pre-printing and shipping labels for partners is labor intensive and inefficient

  • Can result in waste or shortages if required quantities are not known or change
  • Delivery charges
  • Potential for product shipment delays if labels not available

Suppliers can be quickly provisioned

  • No access to internal systems required
  • Minimal setup

Approved product and label revisions are automatically published to LaaS

  • Supplier use same templates, graphics and data as internal print operators

Labels are printed on-demand as needed to fulfill production requirements





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