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Tips and Tricks: Loftware Label Manager/ Print Server Product Flash

  For Pragmatyxs customers  running Loftware Label Manager or Loftware Print Server 10.2.1 or higher. The following is an important notice regarding Julian dates.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the Pragmatyxs Support Team.   Date formats using “WW yy” (Week,Week,year,year) or “WW yyyy” will report the Julian week as one less […]

Building your Mobile Supply Chain

    Implementing a mobile supply chain application into your companies environment can be viewed as a daunting and intimidating process. Pragmatyxs has developed a strategic relationship with  DSI Global  to utilize their solution accelerators with Pragmatyxs’ development experience to reduce this intimidation factor. Pragmatyxs; utilizing the solution accelerators from DSI Global can build  an […]

Tips and Tricks: Food Label forecasting for 2015

                  Legislation is underway to require restaurants and even vending machines to show the calorie count on products. The continuing evolution of the product label is in the news almost every day with consumers requiring significantly more information to be supplied on each label.  Here are some items […]

How a mobile supply chain can improve your business: Manufacturing and Distribution

An effective and efficient  supply chain is one of the most vital pieces in a business, continued investment into the supply chain   provides organizations a competitive edge.   Implementing a mobile supply chain into your manufacturing and distribution channels will provide higher rates of visibility within your supply chain, advancing  productivity and accuracy. With […]

Tips and Tricks: A guide to populating the UDI database

With the second phase of UDI compliance dates coming in less than a year ( September 2015) for medical devices to require UDI labeling; it is imperative that organizations  continue to advance their preparations to begin implementation of these labeling requirements and that preparation begins with populating the UDI database known as GUDID(Global Unique Device Identification […]

In the news: FDA shares its insight on UDI

We have recently discussed the standards and regulations regarding the upcoming UDI ruling and how proper implementation is key. The FDA, who oversees that these standards are met,  appropriately shared some insight on the ruling and a test-case example on why it is such an important decision for the health care system. Please read the […]

Improving you partner printing experience with Pragmatyxs

Compliance labeling within an organization can be a daunting task in itself but imagine maintaining these standards with outside suppliers that produce products for your supply chain. Almost every large corporation whether its clothing, medical devices, aerospace and so on relies on goods from partners to create a final product; the labeling and identification of these goods […]

Looking towards the future with DSI Global partnership

Mobile devices play a huge role in everyday tasks from communication, activity monitoring and endless other abilities and now DSI Global brings supply chain management into the palm of your hands.  Centering your supply chain around the customer not only meets their demands and expectations but allows you to operate a transparent, innovative and efficient […]

An overview on GHS compliance

  Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals or GHS is a landmark regulatory standard ensuring global recognition of hazardous materials and how they are handled. Many countries have began the process of training their workers as well as implementing the proper labeling of goods. GHS regulatory standards have begun with educating anyone […]

Undestanding the UDI Ruling

A great article from Med Device Online regarding the recent and upcoming changes to UDI compliance. These new regulations coming into affect will ensure proper information and identification is attainable to the consumer for proper use and understanding of the product. To view the full article click the link below: